Ships: Boochbeard's Galleon

Notable crew members: Mr. Gandry, The Player, Starter Companion

Status: Captain of Boochbeard's Galleon

Affiliations: Skull Island, Boochbeard's Galleon

Boochbeard is a legendary pirate who's done everything... except succeed. The only time he has been known to succeed was when he rescued The Player from The Abonimable, an Armada ship. Nobody remembers a time when Boochbeard was young: as long as pirates have been around, so has Boochbeard, always NEARLY getting unimaginable riches. Boochbeard is a very lucky and unlucky pirate at the same time, always beaten, but always escaping with his life.

Nicknames Edit

Boochbeard is known by many names: The Flying Sloth in MooShu, Old Whitebeard in Marleybone, El Boocho in Santo Pollo and simply Boochbeard on his ship and in Skull Island.

Story Parts Edit

Boochbeard was originally used in the story as a pirate who rescues The Player and Starter Companion from The Abonimable. Later on, he just gives you tips. Boochbeard will not appear in the actual game. Only in the tutorial. When he gives you tips, his face will show up on the upper left corner of the screen and his word bubble next to him.Boochbeard and grandy do make a non speaking cameo appearance in the fight against Tyson in cool ranch.