Egg Shen

Egg shen


Title: Goose Student (debut), Goose Disciple (Promotion 1), Goose Master (Promotion 2)

Class: Buccaneer

Restriction: Available to Privateer players only

Status: Starter Companion

Affiliations: MooShu, The Player, Boochbeard's Galleon, Skull Island

Egg Shen is the Starter Companion for Privateer players.

Promotion Chain Edit

Egg Shen starts out as a 'Goose Student'. At Level 13, he gives The Playera quest to promote him to 'Goose Disciple'. He is promoted to that title after defeating 'The Iron Monkey'. After that, Egg Shen can be promoted at Level 46 to 'Goose Master'.

Egg shen 2

Egg Shen when promoted to Goose Disciple.

Egg shen in the action

Egg Shen doing a critical strike.