Ensign emmett


Title: Otter Ensign (debut), Otter Lieutenant (Promotion 1), Otter Commander (Promotion 2)

Class: Sharpshooter

Restriction: Available to Privateer players only

Status: Will Finder

Affiliations: Marleybone, The Player, Skull Island

Emmett is the Will Finder companion for Privateer players.

Promotion Chain Edit

Emmett starts out as an 'Otter Ensign', but once you train him to Level 15 he can be promoted to 'Otter Lieutenant'. However, if you train him even further to Level 37, a quest is available to promote him to 'Otter Commander'

Lieutenant emmett

Emmett as an 'Otter Lieutenant'

Commander emmett

Emmett as an 'Otter Commander'