Gaspard DeVole

Gaspard de vole


Title: Guinea Pig Guard (debut), Guinea Pig Buccaneer (Promotion 1), Guinea Pig Mercenary (Promotion 2)

Class: Buccaneer

Restriction: Available to players whose parents were killed by the Armada only

Status: Presidio Prisoner

Affiliations: Valencia, Alonzo, The Player's Parents, The Player, Skull Island

Gaspard DeVole is the Presidio Prisoner companion for players whose parents were killed by the Armada.

Promotion Chain Edit

Gaspard DeVole begins as a Guinea Pig Guard. However, he can be promoted to Guinea Pig Buccaneer when he reaches level 21 and a quest that promotes him to Guinea Pig Mercenary becomes available when he becomes level 47.

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Gaspard DeVole as a Guinea Pig Buccaneer