Kobe Yojimbo

Kobe yojimbo


Title: Bull Ronin (debut), Bull Samoorai (Promotion 1), Bull Samoorai Lord (Promotion 2)

Class: Swashbuckler

Restriction: Available to Buccaneer players only

Status: Starter Companion

Kobe Yojimbo is the Starter Companion for Buccaneer players only.

Promotion Chain Edit

Kobe Yojimbo (along with Subodai) has a unique promotion chain. Although the levels of promotion are the same as Wing Chun's, Egg Shen's, Kan Po's and Subodai's, he is promoted to different titles. Kobe Yojimbo starts out as 'Bull Ronin', then is promoted to 'Bull Samoorai' at Level 13 and finally promoted to 'Bull Samoorai Lord' at Level 46.