Louis Le Bisque

Louis le bisque


Title: Crab Harpooner (debut), Crab Gunner (Promotion 1), Crab Cannoneer (Promotion 2)

Class: Musketeer

Restriction: Available to Musketeer players only

Status: Will Finder

Affiliations: The Player, Skull Island

Louis LeBisque is the Will Finder companion for Musketeer players.

Promotion Chain Edit

At his debut, Louis LeBisque is a 'Crab Harpooner'. At Level 15, he can promote to 'Crab Gunner' and at Level 37, he can promote to 'Crab Cannoneer'.

Louis le bisque 2

Louis LeBisque as a 'Crab Gunner'

Louis le bisque 3

Louis LeBisque as a 'Crab Cannoneer'