Mr. Gandry



Ships: Boochbeard's Galleon

Notable crew members: Boochbeard, The Player, Starter Companion

Status: First Mate of Boochbeard's Galleon

Affiliations: Monquista, Polaris, Marleybone, Skull Island, Boochbeard's Galleon

Mr. Gandry was once a star of the Monquistan Navy, probably a navy officer with quite a high rank, until he left the Monquistan Navy and joined the Polarian Navy, under Emperor Napoleguin. He stayed affiliated with Polaris longer than he did with Monquista, long enough to obtain a Polarian accent. However, eventually he defected from Polaris and joined the Navy of Marleybone, only to lead a mutiny and become a Pirate of Skull Island. It was then that he joined Boochbeard's crew.

Story Parts Edit

Like Boochbeard, Gandry only had a big part when he rescued the player from The Abonimable, an Armada ship led by Deacon. After that, he just gives The Player tips. Gandry will not appear in the game, like Boochbeard.