Nanu Nanu

Nanu nanu


Title: Water Mole Spearman

Class: Buccaneer

Restriction: Available to Privateer players only, but is available in crown shop for any other class

Ships: The Player's ships

Notable Crew Members: The Player, Egg Shen (or other if bought from crown shop), Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard

Status: Companion

Nanu Nanu is a Water Mole Spearman that is available in the crown shop for all classes except Privateers, who get him as a Story Companion.

Promotion Chain Edit

Nanu Nanu always has the title 'Water Mole Spearman', much like Romba, however he still looks different whenever he is promoted at level 30.

Story Parts Edit

Nanu Nanu is only in the story when a Privateer player recruits him, however he does sometimes fight with The Player.