Old Scratch

Old scratch


Title: Undead Witchdoctor (debut), Undead Bokor (Promotion 1), Undead Houngan (Promotion 2)

Class: Witchdoctor

Restriction: None (Available to all players)

Ships: The Player's Ships

Notable Crew Members: The Player, Starter Companion, Bonnie Anne, Presidio Prisoner, Ratbeard

Status: Companion

Affiliations: Dark Crawler (former), Papa Legbones, Madame Vadima, The Player, Sister Snake, Skull Island

Old Scratch is a temporary enemy of The Player that joins his/her crew when he/she defeats him.

Promotion Chain Edit

Old Scratch begins as an 'Undead Witchdoctor', but when he reaches level 24 he is able to become an 'Undead Bokor' and when he reaches level 34 he is able to become an 'Undead Houngan'.

Story Parts Edit

Old Scratch first appears in the Hoodoo House in the Lighthouse. There, he joins The Player's crew and is in the story quite often since then.