Title: Rat Officer (debut), Rat Commander (Promotion 1), Rat Captain (Promotion 2), Rat Admiral (Promotion 3)

Class: Buccaneer

Restriction: None (Available to all players)

Ships: Ratbeard's ships, The Player's ships

Notable Crew Members: The Player, Starter Companion, Bonnie Anne, Presidio Prisoner

Status: Companion

Affiliations: Marleybone (assumed), Port Regal Sewers, Blood Shoals, Scrimshaw (assumed), Himself (former), The Player, Skull Island

Ratbeard is a former enemy of The Player, but joins his/her crew when he/she saves him from the lava at the bottom of Waponi Wu.

Promotion Chain Edit

Ratbeard begins as a 'Rat Officer', but he can become a 'Rat Commander' at level 10 which means you can promote him right when you get him, since he is level 10 when you recruit him. He becomes a 'Rat Captain' at level 28 and then a 'Rat Admiral' at level 55.

Story Parts Edit

Ratbeard first appears in the Kraken Skulls Tavern Cellar. There, he fights The Player and Will Finder. He then appears again in Flotsam, as he is being hidden by One-Eyed Jack. He then appears again in Waponi Wu, about to be sacrificed by the Waponi Water Moles, but then The Player saves him and he joins the crew.