Sarah Steele

Sarah steele


Title: Mouse Fencer (debut), Mouse Swashbuckler (Promotion 1), Mouse Corsair (Promotion 2)

Class: Swashbuckler

Restriction: Available to Swashbuckler players only

Status: Will Finder

Affiliations: Marleybone, The Player, Skull Island

Sarah Steele is the Will Finder companion for Swashbuckler players.

Promotion Chain Edit

Sarah Steele begins as a 'Mouse Fencer', however at Level 15 she is able to promote to 'Mouse Swashbuckler' and at Level 37 a promotion quest becomes available that can promote her to 'Mouse Corsair'.

Sarah steele 2

Sarah Steele as a 'Mouse Swashbuckler'

Sarah steele 3

Sarah Steele as a 'Mouse Corsair'