Skull Island

Skull Island


Species Inhabiting This World: Human, Dog, Cat, Rat, Mouse, Sloth, Otter, Crab, Water Mole, Clockwork, Monkey, Shark, Undead, Frog, Fox, Batacuda, Flying Fish, Scarakeet

Monarch(s): King Fernando of Monquista, Queen Isadore of Monquista

Pirate Lord: Captain Avery

Groups: Pirates (lead by Captain Avery), Rat Pack (lead by The Rat Pack Leaders), Cutthroats (lead by Fin Dorsal), Frogfather's Syndicate (lead by the Frogfather)

Skyways: Skull Island Skyway, Flotsam Skyway, Tradewinds Skyway, Port Regal Skyway

Main Island: Skull Island

Based on: The Caribbean

Skull Island is the first world The Player goes to and the one where he/she starts his/her pirate life. This world is where the Pirate Haven (which becomes the Pirate Republic after the alliance with Puerto Mico) is hidden, where Pirates can work for Captain Avery in return to hide them from the Armada. Skull Island is also a world that Marleybone and Monquista have a colonies in, and tentions run high between the two powers, but not to open war.