Starter Companion

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Ships: Boochbeard's Galleon, The Player's ships

Notable crew members: The Player, Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard

Possible identities: Kobe Yojimbo (Buccaneer only)
Wing Chun (Sharpshooter only)
Egg Shen (Privateer only)
Subodai (Swashbuckler only)
Kan Po (Witchdoctor only)

Status: Member of The Player's crew

Affiliations: MooShu, The Player, Boochbeard's Galleon, Skull Island

The Starter Companion is another prisoner aboard The Abominable, an Armada ship, besides The Player. He joins The Player's crew and travels with him/her since the beginning.

Story Parts Edit

Starter Companion's debut is in the same arc as The Player's so he is in every part of the story.