Title: Horse Barbarian (debut), Horse Warrior (Promotion 1), Horse Khan (Promotion 2)

Class: Buccaneer

Restriction: Available to Swashbuckler players only

Status: Starter Companion

Affiliations: MooShu, The Player, Boochbeard's Galleon, Skull Island

Subodai is the Starter Companion for Swashbuckler players.

Promotion Chain Edit

Subodai (along with Kobe Yojimbo) has a unique promotion chain when it comes to the Starter Companions. He starts out as a 'Horse Barbarian', at Level 13 he is able to be promoted to 'Horse Warrior' and finally at Level 46, he is able to be promoted to 'Horse Khan'.

Subodai 2

Subodai's three looks depending on what part of his promotion chain he is on.