The Player

Pirate101 player


Ships: Skull Island Raft, Skull Island Skiff, Monquistan Skiff, Any Other Ships Bought

Notable Crew Members: Starter Companion, Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard

Status: Captain of The Player's Ship(s), Whatever badges The Player has received

Affiliations: Boochbeard's Galleon, Skull Island, The Player's Ship(s), The Opposition

The Player is the main character in the game, the character you play. At the beginning of the game, you can choose if The Player is a boy or a girl, how his/her parents died and what type of Pirate (Privateer, Sharpshooter, Buccaneer, Witchdoctor or Swashbuckler) he/she is. You can also customize The Player's looks and name, so they don't look like what they look like in the infobox and their name isn't The Player.

Story Parts Edit

The Player is the main character of the game, so he is in every part of the game.

Miscellaneous Edit

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